We currently farm in Oman, growing a wide range of vegetables. The different agro-climatic zones enable us to produce most vegetables all-round the year. We are farming in over 6,07,0285 Sq. meters of land.  Customer safety is our prime concern. Therefore, the minimum use of chemical pesticides is the core of our Quality Policy. For crop protection, we rely on the biological agents, and other Integrated Pest Management practices rather than the conventional indiscriminate use of pesticides.

 We represent the highest standards for the safe, sustainable and socially responsible production of Vegetables. We do not compromise on quality and the services provided to the customer.

We also believe in our responsibility of moving our industry forward through continued innovation and thought leadership, particularly when it comes to food safety and social responsibility. These vegetables are carefully picked by hand at their peak of perfection and supplied to local clients providing each with the freshest produce possible.