Our Business

Al Hajery Group maintains a focused approach in each area of its operations, covering a broad range of market requirements. Trading activities include modern FMCG contracts and traditional wholesale and foodservice operations for institutional clients. The company also caters to the requirements of governmental institutions.   

Modern Trade

To ensure the success of international brands in regional markets, Al-Hajery Group has developed a sophisticated system aimed at streamlining sales, marketing, merchandising and distribution efforts. Furthermore, the company is fully involved in supporting product distribution by taking advantage of all existing marketing opportunities.

Traditional Trade

With years of experience, effective logistics and a well-developed distribution network in place, Al-Hajery Group runs a successful operation of wholesale trade that meets the expectations of our most demanding customers. The company also provides for small retailers by sourcing and supplying a selection of products, including basic commodities in bulk such as sugar, flour, rice, spices and more.

Food Service

Al-Hajery Group has extensive experience in supplying both food and non-food items to a wide range of public and private organizations across the OMAN, regularly securing major contracts with government departments.

Government Supply | Tenders

Extending beyond conventional distribution channels, our trading activities accommodate the requirements of several governmental and semi-governmental institutions across the OMAN who entrust their supply needs to Al-Hajery Group. The company also actively participates in rice tenders issued by the government.


We have strategically located warehouses that are capable of managing inventories for a wide variety of products including dry goods, grocery, and specialty product.  Our warehouse experts maintain the highest standards of the industry and national regulatory requirements when it comes to inventory control management, handling and shipment of our suppliers’ products from initial receipt to delivery to our retail partners.


We offer directly to store delivery to grocery and retail chains, drugstores, independents, specialty and different shops across Oman. Al-Hajery Group’s marketing philosophy and strategy are totally focused on innovation and service. Market penetration at all levels has and will continue to be at the core of its activities. Al-Hajery Group positioned with an assortment of SKU’s dominating the competition. Our marketing campaign is continuously monitored to ensure that each brand is uniquely positioned and targeting its intended clients.

Value-Added Marketing

Focus on your brand is the key to our success. Every brand in our portfolio is assigned to a brand manager, who becomes the general manager for your brand within Al-Hajery Group, and is responsible for all aspects of the business including:


Brand positioning
Pricing strategy
Product and Packaging compliance
Promotional programs
Marketing plans

This ‘single point of contact’ structure simplifies the communication process for our vendor partners, and allows our sales team to focus on what they do best: sell your products!


We have experienced and professional sales representatives that work directly with our network of over 1000 retailers to ensure our suppliers’ products are strategically marketed, restocked and serviced to ensure that the quality and freshness standards of each product are maintained.

Our team of sales and marketing experts assists our suppliers in ensuring that their packaging and marketing materials meet regional and national market and regulatory requirements.

Our experienced team can also assist suppliers in the creation and execution of international, national or regional marketing strategies that will assist our suppliers in achieving mutually agreed upon sales and marketing objectives. We look forward to you becoming part of our family of brands and welcome any opportunity to meet with you and your team to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and objectives.


We currently farm in Oman, growing a wide range of vegetables. The different agro-climatic zones enable us to produce most vegetables all-round the year. We are farming in over 6,07,0285 Sq. meters of land.  Customer safety is our prime concern. Therefore, the minimum use of chemical pesticides is the core of our Quality Policy. For crop protection, we rely on the biological agents, and other Integrated Pest Management practices rather than the conventional indiscriminate use of pesticides.


 We represent the highest standards for the safe, sustainable and socially responsible production of Vegetables. We do not compromise on quality and the services provided to the customer.

We also believe in our responsibility of moving our industry forward through continued innovation and thought leadership, particularly when it comes to food safety and social responsibility. These vegetables are carefully picked by hand at their peak of perfection and supplied to local clients providing each with the freshest produce possible.


Al Hajery Groups Real Estate business consists of Land, Residential, Commercial, Cold Storage, Warehouse properties holdings in Oman and the Mena Region.


Al Hajery Group MEP supply division is the leading name in the HVAC industry, which saw the huge gap that exists in the supply of MEP products in the Middle East region.
While there are many suppliers for the MEP industry, there still exists a wide gap in terms of availability of products, delivery lead times, seeking products that are non-standard or rarely available in this region.